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About Tech Mentors
TECH MENTORS Institute for Technical and Vocational Training (TM-ITVT) occupies a unique position in the world of vocational education in our country. An outstanding place of learning.

The institute has a well-equipped Library, modern and latest technology Computer lab, Interior Designing lab, Hospitality lab and Technical/Vocational lab, which adequately refines the student’s abilities to learn and grow.

Infrastructure goes a long way in enriching the Teaching and Learning experience of a student.
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Guide and develop each student’s confidence into enhancing skills required for overall success and to establish values which will allow an individual to act with thoughtfulness and humanity.
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Empowers all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their intellectual, emotional and social well-being.

Desk of Dean

India’s strength lies in its huge human resource. However, if devoid of proper skill, the man power shall not be able to contribute to its full potential. We at Tech Mentors realized that many countries have progressed ahead of India in terms of economic development and employment opportunities due to proper policies and implementation of skill training. This realization inspired and motivated us to establish TECH MENTORS Institute for Technical and Vocational Training.

The Institute is unique, in terms of its curriculum, training procedures and standards. TM-ITVT has procured the latest equipment’s available all our Labs. The trainings is being imparted by qualified Teachers, Lab Trainers and Professionals. We are sure the young aspirants will enjoy their experience at the institute and will emerge with professional qualification and real life experience that they acquire from practical training with us. We hope their respective skills help them to serve the nation and the mankind. I wish all the aspiring students a great and successful future.